How many dates until a title?

How many dates/hang outs until you two are simply "seeing" each other?

or maybe not "title" since that might come off as "bf/gf", but dating.


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  • I would say if you and him went on at least four "dates" you two would be dating. At that point you would know if you enjoy being with him and want to spend more time with him.

    Being "official" or "bf/gf" is different from simple dating though. A guy can be dating more than one girl at a time, although the one he likes the most he would become "official" with and stop dating any other girls. At this point they would be "bf/gf."

    That's how I look at it anyways. Others will have their own opinions.

  • I think after about three or four dates, you should discuss what you each want.

    • Me & a guy at work hooked up at a Xmas party. Since then he has asked me out for lunch, and drinks after work 3X (one of which turned into an official date) -all in the last 2 weeks. I am disappointed that he is not in contact with me more at work- he says he is just discreet and private.The last time we went out after work was 4 days ago for drinks but I am disappointed that he didn't ask me out this w-end. The next time we are together, should I ask him what he wants because I want more?

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