Am I moving too fast? or just right?

Ive known her just under 3 months..

dating the whole time..

we've been girlfriend boyfriend for just under a month.. a surprise to me and I think her.. its seemed so much longer..

we had to look it up.. I thought we have been dating closer to 2 months.. but it feels like 3.. but like I said it hasn't even been one yet.. close but not just yet..

we've had our first kiss.. we love the same things.. including each other.. I think..

but I'm worried how do I tell if I'm moving to fast for her?

im not talking about sex.. I won't have sex until I'm married.. I told her that..

I told her I was worried I was moving to fast when we looked up and found out its only been a month.. I asked her if she thought I was she told me.. I don't know I've just been going with it.. then we kissed again..



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  • You can move at any pace you want, but just make sure it's comfortable for both of you. :)

    • how can I tell if she's comfortable with it?

    • Just see if she's keeping her pace up too, without forcing herself to. She might just tell you outright she thinks you guys are moving too fast (this depends on the girl).

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