If computers, texting, and snail mail didn't exist, do you think relationships would be different?

They say you're more likely to lie, through text than through verbally talking to someone using your voice. There are certain "rules" people follow when it comes to texting etc...but what if all of that didn't exist. Would you be more likely to date people.

Texting was originally meant for the deaf but it caught on and now trends worldwide (yeah, so I made a Twitter pun, big deal) so sue me!


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  • Meh, much easier to lie and sneak about when there's no easy way to find you.

    If your girlfriend calls you, shed be calling your home. If you weren't there, you might have been at the grocery or movie rentals to return some video tapes. If she calls your cell and you do not answer, then it means you are preoccupied, and your excuses have to become more elaborate.

    "I was driving." "For 3 hours?" "No just for 2 minutes, but we snuggled for awhile after... I mean yes 3 hours... *pokerface*"

    Back in the day, you could have a girlfriend in every city nearby, and none could check your status on Facebook to see what youve been up to.