Am I a rebound? I am so confused ?!

Hi Guys, I'm New here.. .

Anyway I will get straight to the point.. Well my recent girlfriend was the dumper in her old relationship with her ex, they where in a year and a half relationship and both each othes first loves.. well she broke up with him but was kind of speaking to me shortly afterward, well we continued to speak but kept it quiet, she was still talking to her ex as he tried to get her back but it never happened.. well they where speaking everyday for 2 weeks I found out and when he found out about me he told her he couldn't speak to her for a bit and he needed to heal to get over her.. she was very upset about this and I comforted her and treated her to a hotel, Well from that point on things really started going fast we whereexclusive within a month and a half of really talking (2 - 3 months after her break up)

Well her ex's grandpa passed away a month later and she was texting him making sure he was ok.. but unknown to me this next part happened

well she wanted to go to the funeral so her and her friend went to show there respects, afterward though I find out she went back to the reception afterward and even though her friend left about half 12 pm .. my girlfriend stayed out drinking with him and his buddies until around 8pm that night.

well nothing more happened after that until I find messages on her phone as recently as today, she texted him saying merry Christmas and happy new year

Then last Tuesday she texted him about 2am, then texted him again Wednesday about 2.30am .. they had a conversation until about 5am then Thursday they spoke all the day until about 4am again..

She never stayed with me from about Wednesday til Sunday she stayed at her own home( we don't live together or anything).

Well today I found out that last night she was texting to him from about 10pm until 7.30am! He makes her laugh and she makes him laugh it hurts..

I don't know what to do ? I buy her anything she wants yet she still talks to her ex quite a lot and most of the contact seems to be initiated by her..

Please help what is going on ?

Thanks you

wee update I got I will add here ..

Just to add to it they were hanging out with each other at a club last night.. but with there groups of friends.. her and her friend then went back to his house but then they had a arguement because he thought all this texting him was something more .. she told him she thought it would be OK to text him all the time because they are now friends .. yet friends don't text friends the extent they were..

She was very upset about this and she wants to keep him in her life .. also I heard she told him "if were meant to be we will be"

What is with this I really need advice ?


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  • This Is like really bad, she is very obviously not over her ex and that does make you a rebound. No guy deserves that at all! You should break up withher and find a girl who just wants to focus on you and not some other guy and will text YOU that long!

    • This is what I feared.. do you think she should be contacting him if she was meant to be happy.. it huts knowing I'm a rebound but I care for her

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    • Is she friends with her ex on fb?

    • Yes I found out off her friend that when he told her he cannot speak to her right now that she has a boyfriend she told him not to delete her off Facebook as he did it before and it hurt her ?

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