The reason for what he said? Was he annoyed or busy since he has work?

I wished his a "happy birthday :)" He received and read it right away, and replied back three hours later saying "ha thanks :p"

What is the exact meaning of ha? Was he annoyed that I text him or did he not want to keep the conversation going? I personally did not want to keep the conversation going but he could have tried harder with his reply...

I know his hours because he told me before and when he read his text, he was probably at school but when he replied back later I'm sure he was at work.


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  • He is either hurt or became uninterested in pursuing you. One (or both) of these reactions happened because you didn't show as much interest as he had for you. That is why he either get hurt thinking he wasn't good enough for you or became uninterested because he thought there was no hope so why hang in there? I'd say if you really really like him, then don't lose him. You need to initiate everything this time or even tell him "I like you". Whatever suits you. The trick is to let him know that you are truly interested (in case you are). Good luck. :)

    • I think I initiate some things though. I stare and smile, and I waved when we ran into each other. Isn't that enough signals for him to realize that I am showing interest? Sometimes I ignore him because I don't want to seem desperate so I don't know :/

    • Well, honey, he certainly remember the times when you ignored him. So, yeah, it had an effect on him.

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  • Good god man. 'Ha thanks!', what more do you want? Ha is like, positive, slightly surprised, friendly, sort of laugh thing. It's something you do when you actually talk to people. What did you want him to say, man? It's his f***ing day, he can text what he likes. He's probably been getting texts all day - do you imagine you're the only person he has to thank? You should be grateful that's what you got! I had tons of people wishing me a happy birthday, hardly any got a reply, not because I didn't appreciate it, but because there were SO MANY. People love wishing their friends a happy birthday, and it's *great*, but you shouldn't do it and expect anything in return.

    • ok stop yelling at me :(

      I don't ever use ha that's why I'm confused.

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    • lol I didn't think of the same way you view it

    • Neither did I lol

  • What are you worried about? He means it in a friendly way

    • So ha is friendly? I wouldn't know since I don't use that term

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    • no problem. Anyhow its his birthday.. And by the looks pretty populair too

      He probably has like 500 messages like yours today so that's probably why he took some time to respond.

    • yeah you're right

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