Girls please how can I cut my date with no hard feelings?

I have been dating this girl (a teacher) 3 dates and I knew her for 4 months everything but I love her as a friend , I don't see her as a girlfriend after those three dates I was thinking not to ask her out anymore and keep talking as a regular friend . Is that ok? I don't want to hurt her feelings , please any advice

will she ask me why the change?
I know that I will see her in classes after that
we had a kiss in the last date


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  • Honesty. No matter how you choose to do it, say it right out or wait until she contacts you you must be staright with her. I had a guy lose interest after a few dates and he gave me the truth as to why he was no longer into me. I was just really grateful that he let me know. Hopefully she has the maturity to feel this way too.


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  • Yea, 3 dates is nothing.

  • yeah that is fine. but if she asks why the change you have to be honest with her

    • yep what can I say if she ask me? Or she will understand if I don't ask out no more

    • She might just understand if she doesn't hear from her. But if she calls you, you'll have to tell her you just want to be friends. (I hate that saying...but think of something before she calls.)

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