He speaks to me less - mixed signals, what to think?

I have been speaking to someone from a dating site since about the end of August. We swapped numbers and added on Facebook but straight after that he stopped talking to me. Our first chat was cut short because he decided to go to bed and I just never spoke to him again because I assumed he wasn't interested anymore.

Months later (New Years Day) he sent me a message to wish me a "happy new year to you directly" and asked me how I was and why I had gone all quiet. He had been liking/commenting on my statuses for months though. We then spoke most days, sometimes for a bout 4 hours + before he suggested we go for a "romantic drive". The day after, he was offline. He wasn't on the dating site either. I did speak to him the next day though and he offered to fix my computer through remote assistance. He even said "let me know if you need help and I'll bring my tool box over!". He commented on my status as well but he doesn't initiate conversation on MSN anymore. I am wondering whether he has lost interest or if he's become shy and thinks I'm not interested. I'm getting a but confused. SHould I initiate contact with him or let this one go?


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  • It sounds like there could still be potential, though a romantic drive or "bring the tool box over" could be sexual innuendos.