Can somebody please just tell me what to do here regarding this guy? My heart hurts...

There's this guy I work with who I have a super, major, ridiculous crush on. About three years ago, our soccer teams had a couple of practices together, and he said that he remembers me, even though we only interacted MAYBE twice. We're always teasing each other, and we're very sarcastic with each other, although the last couple of times I've seen him, he seems to be joking with me a tiny bit less, and trying more for regular old conversation. Which is good, except that when I like a guy I get sarcastic and teasing with him. He would often come up to me while we're working and say hi, or make silly comments, or to just chat, and he pretty much always says good bye and "have a good night" when I leave. He also always looks me in the eye when we talk, and he always looks at me with his eyebrows raised.

However today we were working in different sections, and I didn't see him much except for when I was on my break. There were a couple of times when it was slow that he could have walked over to say hi or whatever, but he didn't. Even when I was standing right there.

So I'm getting some serious mixed signals, and now I'm confused, and sad, and like I said, my heart is really hurting right now. So just tell me what to do, because I have no freaking clue, haha


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  • This isn't going to be easy. Working your way into the psyche of a guy is never easy. If you want things to go back to normal, you have to give the guy a chance to miss you. I know that it's not going to be easy (in fact, I suck at this part too). Do your best to act like you haven't noticed that he hasn't come over to talk to you. I'm not saying to give him the cold shoulder or ignore him. Not at all, just don't let him know how bummed out it makes you that he's not around. Talk to some other cute guys at work. If they say something funny, laugh. Don't be afraid to be interested in someone else. If he's really interested in you, then he'll come back around to make sure that he doesn't lose his shot and if he isn't you've just found yourself a new prospect or two to keep you busy. :)

    • 1. This was the first time we've worked together since Christmas Eve.

      2. I do act like I don't notice that he hasn't come over to talk to me. I chat with customers, and other people that work at the store.

      3. He's one of two guys who work there who are my age. The only other younger guy there is gay, haha

      4. I guess what I can do is just be natural. Talk to him if I have something to say, and be friendly, but not be pushy or come on too strong...

      5. Thanks for answering :-) I appreciate it

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  • Not sure how old you are but the older you get, you learn to like guys(a whole lot) but exclude your heart until there is something really there. Guys learn that at an early age. We get let out of the hen house at later ages and so we learn that later and slower. If you are 30, you should know this, if you are 40 and your heart is effed like you say it is, go get help, not normal Sis. You can still like him but practice taking your heart out of it. Hope this helps.

    • I'm 19. I'll work on that, thanks, haha

      I guess I'm just at a point where I've never been in a relationship, and things with this seemed really promising, and I got my hopes up (despite all the effort I put into NOT getting any hopes up because I knew I would end up disappointed), and I've never liked/met anyone like this guy (I've only had ONE post pre-teen crush), and now I'm just full of confusion, and my head is just a tangle of mush, and I wish I could read minds...

    • Remember to practice "not putting your heart into it" too early. You will have more fun meeting lots of guys because you will not be focused on one that probaly won't workout anyways :P Happy dating :) !