How Do You Like To Be Kissed?

For the girls and the guys. How do you prefer to be kissed?

Do you like it soft and gentle?

Maybe rough and passionate, the taking kind of kiss?

Perhaps you prefer it slow and steady, and long?

Or the kind that starts out soft and gets rough?

What kind of kiss do you like the most and are there any tricks you really like?

Keep it as PG-13 as possible lol. I don't want my question to get deleted!

Thanks for all answers!


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  • I like to be kissed soft, and gentle, and long. It's so much more romantic and sweet that way.

    I LOVE it when once in a while my boyfriend lifts up my chin randomly and kisses me, and when he puts his hand on my neck/jawline/cheek area while he kisses me.

    Something I would like to try would be to be kissed while backed up against a wall. I don't know why, but I just really do. lol. and something else would be to eat a cherry popcicle right before I kiss him, so it's my icy mouth against his hot mouth.

    • All of those sound great and I know what you mean about the last two! I have always wanted a "backed against the wall" kiss but I don't really expect to ever get one lol. I hope you do though! I like the cherry Popsicle idea! I'll have to keep that one in mind. ;)

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    • seventeen, lol. it was a while ago though, like probably more than a year.

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  • I like to be kissed like we haven't seen each other in years and this is the first time since then that we have seen each other. When it's like I just can't get enough of you, I need all of you now. rough and passionet , little tounge . My ex would always kiss me like that and no one seems to kiss me like that and if I start it and try and get a guy to kiss me like that he's like woa calm down. so yea only fount one person who could kiss me right.

  • I like 'em all :) It totally depends on the 'mood'.

    Best is to start out all slow and sensual, and then make it rougher and more passionate. Brilliant.

    • :) lol I know right! Starting out with light kisses then getting rough... oh yeah!

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    • lol right! I'm so excited for you! Good luck and hope things work out :)

    • Same to you :)

  • Sensual, and intense. Doesn't have to be forceful for me to feel how much he wants me ^^

  • I like it passionate, lots of tongue and body grabbing and groping. But it will only be enjoyable like that if there is chemistry, that creates the "can't keep off of each other" sensation. I also love to feel his boner against me while we are making out, it makes me wild

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