My girlfriend won't give me a kiss. Its her first kiss, I told her its mine too.

Ok so we have been together for about 2-3 weeks. I asked her to give me a kiss but her response was no. OK I understand that it is really important for her and I told that I won't put pressure on you. Now that has been almost 3 weeks I think she doesn't feel the same as me. Its my first kiss too but I found her and she is the one I want to give it too. I am killing myself with a lot of thoughts. I don't know what to think. I asked her to give me a reason and she told me that there are a lot but I cannot share it with anyone, only me, its a secret between me and myself, you will know one day. That made me really sad yesterday. I was thinking that if there was another person in my place, he could get that kiss earlier. She tells me that she loves me, I trust her, but now I'm confused. Can you tell me what's wrong? Have you ever had a situation like this?


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  • ive never been kissed either just haven't met the right guy I'm usually a shy girl too so its harder to meet guys

    i would say just let it be if she's not ready yet she's not ready from your age group you guys are under 18 and still kids your concept of love and dating will be much different when you get to college.


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  • If you truly love her then learn to wait. You wouldn't want to ruin your first kiss by receiving a spank on that unexpected kiss right? I think your girlfriend is just testing on how could you go without kissing her. Do that to her instead act as if you're not interested in kissing her and stop demanding for it. You'll be surprised on how it will turn out! ;) Good luck! By the way, my boyfriend waited for 4 months before he could kiss me. It's because I wasn't ready yet. It was my first also. Just enjoy your relationship now. :)

    • Thank you. This really helped me, That is what I am going to do, I won't ask her, when she feels it, she can give it to me. I will just have a normal relationship. Wow, 4 months. Hope I don't wait that much. But why didn't you want to kiss him? Can you tell me?

    • I wasn't ready actually. I thought to myself, if I kissed him while I'm still not ready then how will I be able to cope with his demands of kissing me for the next instances given that we've kissed already? My mind is pretty twisted actually. In the end, when I felt I was ready, I was the one who initiated the kiss. :)

  • I have not had my first kiss either. But I will be honest. A guy I went on a fief dates with asked if he could kiss me. He was 20 and has never kissed a girl either. I rejected him a fief times being too uncomfortable about it, before he broke all connection.

    A month later I met a guy I connected on every level with. Unfortunately he got a big chested, part time modeling, blond and blue eyed girlfriend who made the first move on him and dragged him away from me like a drooling puppy, after which I stopped hanging out so much with him. To be honest I don't think I stood a chance next to such a beauty.

    But during our "friendship" or flirting whatever, I was attracted from the first moment we laughed together. Every time he touched me, my body would freeze up a bit. I thought about kissing him from day one and I would have done it, if he tried. I would have, without hesitation.

    I'm sorry, but it just may be, that she doesn't like you as much as you think..

    Just a theory, I don't wish to bring you down. I'm sorry since might have.

    • Well every time a stay next to her I can feel her emotions, her hand shakes when she is in front of me. She cannot look me in my eyes for a long time 'cos she gets like a tomato :P So I think she really likes me, I know that she likes me, she had never been in a relationship. I know that other guys have proposed to her and she always rejected. She didn't do that with me. I don't really know what to think. Thank you for your answer :)

  • You don't need to ask for a kiss...just find the moment and kiss her.

    • but I know how important is for her, and I respect this feeling, so I let her do this, I told her its up to you, you get the steering wheel. what do you think of this/

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    • every girl is different...maybe she doesn't feel ready and does not want to rush things... or as audreylovesyou said it could be a test

    • ok I understand, thank you :) , ill use a new strategy :D :pp

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