Prom date, who to choose!

My end of school prom is coming up soon. I've recently decided that I need to get myself a 'date' for the prom. Many people have told me who I should go with, but that is two different people, both I would absolutely love to go with. Obviously I can't go with both though :| One of these girls is basically my female best friend. The other is a past crush who I've asked out, twice (both times she said no, but that's besides the point!) My female best friend hasn't dropped any hints that she would go to prom with me, as a mate. There is another guy who I know is planning to ask her to prom but she'd already told me that she would say no to him, and only wants to go with someone who she is in a relationship with. I don't know if that eliminates my chances of going to prom with her. I've also been told by people to ask her to prom.

The other girl is a very flirty girl, who I get nervous around but apparently she likes it when I'm nervous around her. Many people have told me that she should love to go with me, and that my height (6" 1) as well as my personality is what gives me an advantage over other guys.

There's 2 problems; 1) My confidence is pretty crap. I am one of the most shyest guys in my school. I also tend to over-think things and worry about things like this. If I ask either of them and they say no, I worry that I'll because awkwardness between me and whichever girl. I don't want that to happen, I love being friends with both of them. 2) If I pluck up the courage and confidence to ask either of them, I haven't the slightest clue which one to ask and how!

Guys and girls, help me! D:


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  • ok so first you really need to work on that confidence. I used to be painfully shy and awkward... never knowing the right things to say. but just recently I've noticed how other confident people find it so easy to meet and talk to people. I decided that if I ever want to fit in I had to start soon so I did. I started smiling more, acting goofy (sometimes), I'm even sarcastic (but only as a joke never to insult somebody) and it really worked. it helps to plan beforehand about how you can start an actual conversation apart from the ones in my dreams too :p I unfortunately had to learn alone because none of my friends were confident (thanks to me now they are but nevermind) but you can just do what I did... and practice.

    smile at anyones jokes no matter how crap they are.

    be nice to everybody but defend yourself when you have to (no need in a harsh way though).

    show people you can't just be pushed around by anyone.

    and also keep your head high and back straight and do what you have to do.

    be a fun person while being serious when needed.

    the answer of who to take is in between your ears right in your head. it's just hidden by all the other thoughts and insecurities. just think a bit for a while. who would be the best choice to take to prom and who would you most likely enjoy yourself with the most?

    goodluck :)


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  • Ask your friend to go as just a friend. Don't ask the other girl cause if she rejected you twice and still flirts with you, she's clearly a whore

  • blah I didn't ask anyone. I wanted to alone but then a girl asked me and I couldn't refuse

  • I`m pretty much in the same situation as you, pal. My prom is coming up to and I also have a reputation of being extremely shy. I might even have some sort of mild social anxiety.
    But as you know, prom season for us shy guys is pretty hectic. My buddies have been desperately trying to get me to go with this one girl who I`m friends with. And despite being friends with her, I can`t seem to work up the courage to go ask, even though I`m 95% sure she`d say yes! Plus, I`ve had a total of three chances to ask her today! She even sat at my lunch table! Its almost as if the universe was freaking setting me up to just do it! And if that`s the case... I failed. But I still have time.
    For you, I`d say to just go for it. You`ve probably heard this answer before, but its the best I`ve come up with. The flirty girl might go with you just because it seems that way. And if you ask your friend out AS A FRIEND, she might be convinced to go with you.
    As far as confidence goes, I must say this. Confidence is built by your successes in life. So if you ask a girl, you`ve already succeeded, whether she says yes or no. This is because YOU DID IT, YOU ASKED! Anything that comes after that is irrelevant. You might as well go ask and then run away skipping into the sunset before they can answer. (Not really.)
    But if you don`t ask, its going to be a regret for the rest of your life. I`m actually shocked you have asked a girl out in the first place, which is something I`ve NEVER done. So you`re already a step ahead of me, lol.
    Anyway, you seem like a good guy and a girl would probably be happy to go with you, no matter who it is. I`ll be rooting for ya.
    Good luck and I hope I helped!

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