Am I over-thinking this "date"?

My question seems to be very old-fashioned so I will keep it short.

One of my flatmates suddenly asked me to the cinema yesterday and I agreed since I kind of like him. So we went to the cinema today but we split the bill. I would say it was fun and we talked quite a lot on the way back home but he didn't show any signal that he has interest in me. Another flatmate saw us back together and he asked if we have gone to some place. I said no to him with a poker face since I want to keep it as a sweet secret for now. Surprisingly the guy I went out with didn't oppose to my answer and kept silent. Does it mean he just wanted to hang out with me like friends or he is shy and didn't want to let the others know about our so called first date yet?

Really looking forward to your advice. I am in my 20s and have never been in a relationship before so I have no experience with these kinds of thing... Thank you in advance! :)


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  • Horrible idea to get with your flatmate. If it doesn't work out, one of you will have to move out.

    • Thanks for your answer since I was afraid no one cares about it. :">

      Now we stay in Sweden for studying but that guy is going back to Germany by the end of March so maybe it is not a big deal if it doesn't work out I guess... But then it also means that I only have like one and half a month to know if he has interest in me or not...

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