Should I check and see what's up with us?

We were texting yesterday and then we abruptly stopped with me ending saying that what I was doing, we had a bunch of flirty texts up until then, 2 hours later I said "hello :)" no reply. Then at one o'clock in the morning I called her because we said we would talk late at night.

No answer, no text back up until now.

Should I message her on Facebook and see what's up? or should I just give her her space?


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What Girls Said 1

  • She will c the missed calls and the texts you sent, she'll call or text you when she gets the chance. I don't think you should send her a message on fb.


What Guys Said 1

  • Let it go. Right now you seem really needy to her, I would also suggest that if she does get back to you, that you should make her wait for a response. i.e. don't pick of the phone if she calls/wait until the next day to return an IM or text.

    Guy's intuitively know the answer to these situations is let it go, and that is the advice that they would give if they had to ability to look at the situation objectively. However, emotion sometimes really screws with your head an tries to persuade you do go against your intuition. I wish there was a pill for this.