How to handle the 'say goodbye at the door step and will he kiss me senario?'

I'm going to go on a first date with a guy later, and I'm anticipating the first kiss. I have kissed several people already so I'm not new but I always have a mental freakout whenever he is leaning in right before, or I get really anxious when it is that awkward door step scenario and I don't know if he will kiss me.

I don't know how long is appropriate to wait at the doorstep to see what he will do. It just seems so awkward that first time when I don't know him yet!

We are going out to dinner so it is like a legit date. My ex had invited me to jamba juice so there wasn't the 'legit date' feel to it, so there wasn't really pressure. Any tips to avoid that awkward moment?


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  • Just let it happen. Don't think. Just do it.


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