Now that I've finally started a fabulous new relationship, my first love walks right back into my life!

During my freshman year in hs, I dated a senior.

My parents said he was too old for me so I had to date him secretly.

When my parents found out that I was still seeing him, they put a restraining order against him. he and I promised each other that the day I turned 18, (3 years from then) we would be reunited.

Well 3 years have passed, and I always think about him. I haven't had a boyfriend since, but I am sort of in an open relationship. Anyway, I got a message today from HIM! It said "just wanted to say happy birthday." and I'm now 18.

I am in shock! Am I am extremely confused! I have no clue what to do! Its like, now that I've finally started a fabulous new relationship, my first love walks right back into my life! And I still don't know how my parents will react if they find out.

Please help me figure this out! What should I do?!?!


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  • since you're 18 now, you shouldn't worry too much about your parents. even if they don't like it, there isn't much they can do legally. as far as all the freaking out... relax and see how things go. don't give up a good for thing to run after a possibility. make sure of what his intentions are in the first place. At your age, back when you were 14 and even now that you're 18, you are still pretty young and he is 4 years older which in that age group is actually a huge difference. he will be finishing college soon (if he even went) or is at atime in his life where he's probably working or trying to be independent or whatever (of should be), aside from that, he is probably out having fun and doing whatever he wants because guys @ my age (i'm 21) are pretty much about sex, hooking up, no commitments, having fun, etc. make sure you really know him and understand consequences of your actions b4 you make any decisions.


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  • If you have not called him by now, call him this week.


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  • Well, it should be based on how you feel which one best suits you. I know that isn't that much help but you should compare and contrast. The boy doesn't want to be in a long distance relationship with you but you can learn to love him. Or the boy who waited 3 years for you so he could be with you, although you have a restraining order against him. You don't want to go through life with 'what ifs.' I hope this somewhat helps you what your problem you have.

  • I don't think any of us can really tell you what to do. But before I even try to help, clarify please: is the relationship you are in now an "open relationship" or "a fabulous new relationship" because those sound like two very different things.

    And sorry to hear about your over-bearing parents! I can't imagine. Freshman-Senior dating isn't even that big of a deal and a restraining order?! Talk about over-reacting and severe punishment! I'd be moving out of that house as soon as possible...

    • Lol yeah they are pretty over protective...

      My new relationship is with a guy I've known my entire life. Since I was 5 years old. He lives 500 miles away, so he doesn't want a long distance relationship. So whenever I visit, we are dating. Its really odd lol. But just the other day I was thinking to myself that I could possibly be in love with him. ..and now I just got this msg and I'm SO confused!

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    • And always be honest and open with both guys! ALWAYS! As long as everyone knows the score, it should roll into place naturally.

    • Good thinking! thanks!