How to keep a text conversation keep going with a guy?

A guy I met at my work (friend with someone I work with) exchanged numbers with me and we have been texting for a week. I know he is interested in me because my coworker told me he had a crush on me.

He almost always initiates, replies back to almost all of my texts and is very sweet (called me beautiful, miss, ma'am, etc.). He is very easy to talk to and we connect very easily (in person too, we have hung out a couple times).

However, we are only texting right now since I went back to school (3 hours away). He told me he occasionally goes to a town an hour away from mine but I don't know if that would work very well. Sometimes the text conversation is great, while other times it's slow and drags out.

I really do like him, so how can I keep the text conversation going?


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  • ask him what's he wearing so you can picture in you sick mind how he looks. he will ask you the same but yours is going to sound sexy. maybe picture exchange later

    hes an hour away you should be going to see him if he's that close. you should also go back to the town he works and hang out for a weekend here or there doing this will show your still interested in the guy and he may do the same.

    txt can get boring call him. its always nice to hear his voice then the clicking of your phone.


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