Been out of the dating thing for a while. I'm going on a date Friday night , what should I do?

So I have met this girl, we have been texting, calling, and Skyping for the last full week. She has set up a date for Friday and I am very excited about it. I already know her basics, already know likes and dislikes. So far I like her! She seems like a girl who'd like flowers, chivalry, etc. What are some things I can add or questions I can ask her to make this a memorable date?


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  • You should set up another date with someone else for Saturday so you're not so stressed out and obsessive over a girl you have barely been out with.

    You should be considering which girl you like better, not wondering what type of flowers might win her over.

    • Ehh, not a big fan of the multiple dating deal. Plus, I am traveling the next day, so a date the next day wouldn't work anyways. Thanks though.

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    • True, but thanks for your feedback, It may help in the future. Who knows?

    • Yeah, something to consider anyway.

  • As soon as you meet her take her by the hand and lead her where you want to go. You want to end up kissing on the first date, otherwise there is too much chance to end up as "just friends" be bold but unattatched

    • I should have mentioned that it is a double date, oops! Thanks for the Answer!

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    • Ok, well, that sure does sound like a possibility. Thanks!

    • If she holds back, your in, if you feel she isn't holding back and just letting you hold her then you can let go for a while and build up your attraction and try again later when you feel like it. If she freaks out or something and is like "it's too soon to be holding hands!" Just be a bit of a smart ass and say "well friends can hold hands too..." and keep holding onto her hand, guage it from there