Becoming friends with old flings.

I'm not going to go into any details here [you can read about them in my other questions], but what do you think about still being friends with an old fling? By "old" I mean them being flings within the last few months. And especially if you're going to run into them anyways.

  • It's such a bad idea no matter what
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  • It can happen and it can be mutual
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  • It can happen but, especially if they and you are all single, there will probably be something more than friendship there
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  • It depends [please explain]
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can more people at least vote for this?


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  • That's cool but not sure if it's a good idea if you want a relationship with a new guy


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  • well I don't know me and my ex just broke up over the summer because we're long distance and I know we're always going to care for each other because we were each other's first real boyfriend and girlfriend...anyway we don't talk on the phone or anything but when ever I go visit his mom she calls him and he stops by sometimes and we just hang out and watch movies like friends I don't think there is anything wrong with you and your old fling being friends unless you part on bad terms but other then that I don't see how being just friends will hurt

    • That's pretty true, but I learned that it's possible to be friends - or at least acquaintances - even with the old flings whom I've parted on bad terms with because of us finally forgiving each other; it also took some time and talking to each other like friends do.

    • Yeah and what you just said is true too but I'm glad me and my ex were like more friends then boyfriend/girlfriend and I don't think we ever were really in a realtionship now that I think about it but I still enjoyed our time together

  • it is okay to become friends with humans.