How am I going to go to prom?

Well I know it's a long time away and it's my senior year of high school. I asked this girl out last week and I really liked her but she wanted us to be friends. Every day I think of how I'm going to be that one loser who doesn't go to prom because he doesn't have a date. I mean really, I'm a pretty quiet guy. I don't talk to many girls and there honestly aren't any single attractive girls that I know of. So what am I going to do?


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  • go to prom and meet girl there? go with a group of friends?


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  • It's really not as big of a deal as you are making it out to be. I didn't go to prom and I don't regret it, a lot of people don't go to prom. It's just one night out of your entire life, go or don't go I can guarantee that after high school you will rarely ever talk about or remember prom.

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