Girl A or Girl B and Why?

I suspect both to like me or at least have(d) a crush on me at a point. I'm 18

Girl A : I know her existence for about 3 years her too, she used to stare at me a lot in class years ago, sometimes she will just say random things to me. Like I can go on for minutes without noticing that she looks at me. SHE NEVER MOVES ON. Months ago , a girl gave me a massage and she gave me the ’I will kill u’ stare. She seems very protective and today she was drinking water from a fountain I was behind and she completly showed off her butt curve)to my face. Brief, she looks really protective if she still likes me, jealous

Girl B : She looks more friendly but harder to get with, I don't really know her (besides her name). Earlier in the year she used to stare at me a lot (When I talk to someone behind her, or get up to get something in the front of wherever)She also talked to me but her voice was really low and I wasn't listening. And lately she even started to defend me. My friend would just say hi to me and she will tell him ’Leave him alone’ because he likes to tease me or bother me a lot but I don't mind at all. She is very friendly. However in class or halls it seems she doesn't like me Because she ignores me sometimes

Tell me who and why?


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  • I would have to go with Girl: B,she's a shy girl all the signs are there. Check out this link from an article on here: link

    When she gets around her friends is she more loud and seems more comfortable? Does she ignore you sometimes? And when you are around her she talks really low,yeah I would definitely go for her. Usually the shy girls care more deeply about relationships. (I'm a shy girl myself)

    Hope this helps :) Love your question


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