In the process of understanding women?

Okay so I have heard that sometimes a girl will like a guy without the guy knowing. So I don't really understand how girls that I appear to be confident would all of a sudden be scared to talk to me. I tend to be funny and a little outgoing when I am comfortable. I will see girls talking to other guys but won't really acknowledge me, but don't know if she is just scared to talk to me vs just not really interested in me. Don't know how to find out when they won't even give me the time of day. Some help would be nice?


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  • Look for little signs such as:

    -Her staring at you when you are looking away

    -or you two having eye contact of some sort

    -or her smiling and appearing friendly towards you

    If a girl shows you those signs, chances are she wants to get to know you better.

    But if she is simply acting as if you do not exist then she isn't interested.

    It doesn't matter how friendly you come off,

    Its only natural if a girl likes a guy for her to get shy/nervous around him. When this happens she usually would rather him take the intiative because she is too shy to do so.

    Also rejection can be a scary thing , and at times may cripple some.

    Make the move if you feel there is something there.

    Even if things don't work out the way you planned, at least

    you will know that you tried.

    Trust me, it is way too easy to give up.


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  • If you're obviously cute then she could be a little intimidated to talk to you. I'd say if you like her at all regardless of how she's acting just try talking to her, make her feel special.

  • If a girl is genuinely confident and talking to other guys (ones she just met or is just acquaintances with) but isn't talking to you, she's probably not interested. She could just be pretending to be confident, though. I like to think I'm pretty darn confident, myself, but when it comes to a guy I'm really interested in, I crumble into my shy, unsure self (which may lead me to come off as uninterested). Confusing, I know lol


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  • if a girls acting like that, move on to the next broad.