I was joking around with a chick and now she's in an awkward postion

ok well I was just joking around with this chick and I put her into an awkward postion what do I to fix it? she said "layin in bed cold" I said "id warm you up but I'm not with you" she said"what kind of warming up do you mean;) ? I said" I think you know what I mean lol :p" she lolz no I don't know" I was like "guess lol" her reply " awwe is someones girlfriend not giving them sex lolz that sucks :p" I was like " hey you took it there not me I never said that lol :p" she said "lolz okay". I put her into an awkward position how do I fix it?


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  • How is it awkward for her? She seemed pretty into it, if you ask me. If you really do have a girlfriend, though, it makes it awkward for you. Don't be a d***.

    • she said I put her iinto an awkward postion

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    • so her and I are all good now

    • Hoorah!

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  • She sounds like a prude.

  • haha I don't think its awkward at all, she's the one who asked what kind of warming up you did...anyone one asks that knows what kind, brush it off, change the subject, sounds like your the one feeling awkward :)

  • you said all that to a girl and you have a girlfriend? damn she deserves better ...

    and you guys were flirting MUTUALLY you didn't put her in any position she was just as complicite as you were.


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