What is the mature thing to act in this situation?

I am new to a student group on my campus this year. I slept with a guy in our clique of friends, which is a huge group of people. We ended up seeing each other (just booty calls sort of) a couple of times and I did not mind it at first. I ended it because he treated me with disrespect by coming over to my place to have sex, we would smoke a bit, and then he would ditch me to go to a party I would have gone to as well with our friends, and I did not want to put up with it. Like nearly every friend of his knows, which I did not care because they did not just gossip and tell everyone.

My question from BOTH genders' opinions is if you would care or judge me. He is the only guy I have slept with in that group of friends.


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  • If you feel disrespected don't see him again because you don't want to be treated that way. If it's okay for you then just continue, it really depends on how you feel.

    • He and I are on OK terms...I am not on OK terms with the rest of the people. I am asking if you would judge me in this situation.

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    • I do not like or want to date any of the guys! haha... I just want to be their friend and guys are still judging me

    • Yeah it's really hard because maybe of the way the guy talks about how he had sex with you and how he can have sex with you when he wants it. So naturally his friends don't have a good perception of you.

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  • Here is a quote that may help your situation. "Don't regret anything because at one point it was all that you wanted". Also I wouldn't judge you. It was your decision and what's past is past right?


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  • It depends on how I perceived you before I knew you slept with him. If I liked you then I wouldn't care, but if you got on my nerves then I would judge you even more negatively. Just being honest.