Help! I'm not a great texter and she wants to!

Okay I met this girl some time ago and she had a boyfriend back then.. I met her in a bar last Friday and she came and talked to me, I gave her my number right by the time that she left home. She also gave me her number.

Now I called her on Sunday, and I completly caught her off guard (she was with friends.. She told me over text) and she said she wanted to call me but texting was also a possebility

As you can see she is very shy.. And I noticed that during the texting too.. She took some time to respond so I said ill be making dinner now.. She responded to me that she was sorry she had phone..

I know she likes me but she is very shy and I got shy because of it towards her because of it.. I usually call and ask for a date but this is so.. We talked about how our day was and what we do for work.. But I found it boring and she probably did too.. Should I just call he her next time she texts me?

Should I just tell her that I find texting a little bit too soon and that id rather take her out to get to know her better.. Its kinda an awkward situation.. She could be willing to be just friends.. I don't know anyone capable of giving a few tips of texting? Or a blog I could get a little insights for?


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  • Just keep texting her questions that she can respond to with more than a yes or no. Also make funny jokes and keep her entertained.


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  • If you're not a texting person then you're not. Text times she text you, call her up and have a nice convo instead. say that you much rather like to hear her voice ;p

  • Just call her and ask her out!


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