He asked me to hang out and I don't know if I should go!!!

The guy I like asked me to hang out with him on the weekend, there's this event, he shared it on Facebook and some of his friends are going. he inboxed me to join him, he also asked me over the phone.. I don't know if I should bring my friends too, Because I don't all around him all the time there, and I'm thinking if none of my friends are going I will not be going too..


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  • Well short answer, if you bring friends it'll be proper backup but it'll be hard for him to get to you. I'd say you come alone(that'll give him thought that you came because of sth and he'll try not to let you be borred or alone) or you can take one max 2 friends just to hang out and listen on their advices and that stuff you girls like to talk about :)


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  • You should go.

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