First date do's and don'ts

What are the do's and don'ts on the first date? Going on one this Friday, and I don't want to mess it up.


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  • There are so many Do's and don'ts I would rather just give you the gist of the mentality you should have. You should look at it as having a fun time with the girl. Getting her comfortable with you. Seeing where it goes from there. That is crucial. You need to build comfort and connection before you seek the romance and passion. Without it, then well you are just seeking meaningless sex (and you don't need to date to get that). Also don't force it, if the girl is simply just boring, and you have nothing interesting to say to her, it is not your fault, you are just not meant for each other. That is the whole point of dating, so you see if you connect and if there is something real. Anyway back to the comfort building, some people will feel easy and comfortable more easily than others. Usually that is a good sign. If you guys are laughing, and smiling and generally a good vibe then you can think about the romantic pursuit. When you are somewhere PRIVATE, and ROMANTIC (like an abandoned castle, a moonlit lake, a nice park bench even). Hold her hands and then turn her towards you. Look into her eyes and they should be tell you all you need to know. Just go for the kiss. If you built the comfort before and the place is private and romantic there is literally no way she will reject you. There, that is what work for me.


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  • Do's:

    -table manners & gentlemen manners

    -give her one compliment when you first see her

    -get to know her more; ask about her family, hobbies, etc.

    -be polite to everyone

    -talk a little about yourself

    -be clean and neat

    -if you are picking her up, make sure the inside of your car is at least clean


    -Don't talk all about you and give her no room to talk

    -Don't come off as cocky aka I know I'm hot syndrome

    -Don't give any other girls your attention; don't check out other girls

    -Don't talk with your mouth full

    -Don't text others or take phone calls when you are with her & keep your phone on vibrate

    -Don't bring up your ex's

    -Don't lie to make yourself look better; don't lie and say you own a corvette, when it is really your dads.

    -Don't sweet talk her and tell her ONLY what she wants to hear; She will expect you to be like that in your relationship.

    That type of stuff =)

  • Be polite and use your manners. Don't talk about your exes,politics or religion. Just be yourself.

    Good luck and have fun!:-)

  • Don't play with your phone and be honest.

  • Do:

    look and smell good

    be honest -- lying only screws you over later

    be polite to everyone, not just your date

    share stories that explain who you are as a person

    relax -- the other person is nervous too


    play with your phone

    overemphasize how attractive you find your date -- look for ADDITIONAL traits too

    get wasted

    talk about things that envoke anger or depression in yourself or your date

    • What if you are honest and share stories about who you are but they happen to evoke anger or depression in yourself as you talk about them?


    • That can come later on in the process. Why would you devulge really intense, personal information about yourself to a stranger?

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  • Don't be unnecessarily mushy.

    Don't focus your attention on something else. make her the centre of youjr attention. i.e. eye contact

    Don't make reference or compare her to your ex.

    Don't be unprepared

    Do enjoy youself

    Do be honest, no one wants a fake/lying person

    Do impress her with your best traits

    Do act chivalrous

    Do get to know her on a "deeper" level, bjut not too personal for the first date at least

  • DO:

    -Allude to stories where you are

    a. caring and supportive of friends and family

    b. powerful and dominant, with control over other men

    -Act sexually aggressive, while maintaining a devil-may-care attitude.

    -Playfully tease her

    -Make her interest you. You're a young guy, you have choices. Make herself prove herself to you.

    -Make an effort to figure her out

    -Talk about your ambitions and desires with a sense of purpose

    -Casually flirt with other girls, but in a way that makes it seem like you're casually flirty with everyone. (I did this last night and took a girl home for a ONS)


    -Worry about insulting her

    -Be tentative, weak or self-conscious

    -Try to please her

    -Apologize for anything you do

    -Make any apologies for who you are

  • DOs

    wear nice clothes

    bring a jacket, if she gets cold, you can offer it to her

    look in her eyes while talking to her (in a non creepy way)

    do not be afraid of silences, in fact, during that moment of silence try touching her hand gently and say some cheesy stuff about her skin oh and do it playfully


    talk about yourself unless she asks, that don't tell her where you bought the jacket, or how you have always wanted 2 see this movie etc

    give her more too many compliments you will come off as boring

    wear the wrong ammount of gel, too much, you will look like ross from friends, too little you little you will like a rockstar on chemotherapy

    get up close to her face after you just drank coffee

    answer your phone

  • Don't talk about your ex's. Relax and be yourself.

    You might want to ask a few deal breaker questions. Like if they smoke or has pets for example. You may want to wait until future dates before asking them if they would like to get married some day.

  • Don't ask her about her sexual history, and don't talk about yours. Don't compliment her appearance more than twice, tell the truth so you won't have to remember and back up a lie later. Ask her what she wants, a LTR or a friend etc,so that there no mixed signals. Ask her what her future plans and goals are.

  • Avoid hot button issues in the conversation.

    Do dress neatly and make sure your breath doesn't smell.

    Turn off your cell phone.

    Don't let your eyes wander, and especially don't look at other girls.

    If you're walking somewhere, keep yourself between her and the road.

    Don't use self-deprecating humor. It's a first date, you're allowed to talk yourself up.