What should I do to keep from being a third wheel?

Ok so my best friend of 3 years just started dating one of the girls I hang out with. He's had lots of GF's before and I don't mind but none of them were friends with me, something about him dating her bugs me, I feel like I'll wind up being the awkward third wheel whenever we hang out. I don't know what to do and I've talked to him and he says nothing will changed but I doubt it.


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  • If you still want to hang out with her, it seems like one solution is to enlist whatever guy interests you and double date a few times. You can all still associate but you won't be dwelling on the guy in question. If you find that the situation between them is still a problem, then there is probably more to this. Then you need to figure out if it is really about being a third wheel or is more about him and her...or about her being pulled away from you regardless of who her date is. It's one thing to be OK with a friend dating a friend. It can be something else entirely when it's going on in front of you.

    • no, her Boyfriend is my best friend not her but its the same concept right?

    • I think so, unless I misunderstood. He's her Boyfriend and you don't want to be the 3rd wheel? Then I agree with AlexCab to not be around on their dates - or as a I suggested, go with another guy as two couples. But if that's still a problem, maybe it's not about being a third wheel.

  • Well, if their dating becomes more serious just don't be there when they're together.


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