Guy I'm Seeing Has 2 Online Dating Profiles. Should I Confront or Dig Deeper on My Own?

So I've been seeing a guy for the past 3 months and we're not yet exclusive. Both of us still have active profiles, which is fine because we're not exclusive yet. However, I stumbled upon his 2nd profile today. I'm fuming and I need some advice from an objective standpoint.

Should I make a fake profile and message his 2nd profile, asking him questions like if he's been dating someone for a while? Basically, any questions that validate my existence.


Should I wait until I see him to confront him?


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  • yeah what the hell...dig deeper and catch him on the act. whatever you do though don't say anything to him just yet lol

    • Well I may have shot myself in the foot because I had viewed his profile while logged onto mine. This site shows you when people have viewed your profile. So he will probably see that I looked at his 2nd page when he logs on.

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    • No, I wouldn't put a friend or a mutual friend up. I tried My Space and the search doesn't quite work without a name. And since POF is usually based on people finding each other locally, I'll need an NYC zip code. I'll just go on FB and enter in a random first name. Thanks!

    • my space should work find with just a zip code but good luck

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  • what does his second profile look like? how is it different from the other one? I don't think that's necessarily a red flag or something. I'd probably just make a joke of it--say, "hey, I stumbled upon a second dating account of yours... leading a double life, eh?" Just bring it up in a non-threatening way and see how he responds. If he doesn't have a decent response explaining it, I might worry a little, but... definitely wouldn't jump to any conclusions yet.

    • This 2nd one has less stuff in it. The description and interests are more sparse. He has different photos on it except the main photo on the 2nd profile is also on his 1st. His description mentions going to Coney Island, which I took him to. One thing that might make it sound like it's an old profile is that he says he's graduating next May. He told me he was graduating this May. But I don't know. Everything he had told me so far has checked out, but now I find this.

    • By doing some investigative digging, I saw that he logged onto both profiles this week.

    • yeah, I mean... I dunno... I guess I'd bring it up and expect a legitimate explanation, but don't do it in any sort of accusatory way.