Guys SOS, PROM? Should I not even worry about this kid?

I was asked as a freshman to prom by a senior, however a lot came up so I didn't go. I'm a junior now and I really want to go with this kid that's a senior but I don't want it to seem like I'm using him .. I don't like him were just friends. He asks for me to go to his wrestling matches and to hang out, but I don't want him to get the wrong picture. And the fact that he did like one of my friends for awhile, makes me feel used as well. I don't know what to really question is; should I back off, ask him if he still has feelings for my friend, or if he decided who he's taking to prom yet (obvious?)


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  • Hun, I lived through the EXACT same thing. If you don't have feelings for him, than him having feelings for the friend shouldn't matter. And as for him liking you and you not liking back, just tell him. You know you're able to go to Prom without a boyfriend, right? Heck, I went to homecoming with my guyfriend and I had a kiss-less blast! Besides, do you REALLY need a date? You can always just go with a huge group of girls. Take it from me, it's never good to lead a guy on. Lay down the law, tell him that you're not interested in him relationship-wise, and take it from there. You'll be a LOT less stressed and more easygoing with the guy after, and the answer to Prom will show its face when ready. You can do this! :)


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