I don't want to be a pushover. How to handle this situation?

Okay there are these two girls that I went out with that I found out were friends. The thing is I went out with one for a while after the second date told her I liked her and hoped to eventually develop the relationship even further. She told me she didn't like me like that, but then went on a third date with me. After the third date she told me that she knew I was still trying to get her and that nothing will ever come of us. So I just stopped talking to her until I had a class with her (about 6 or so months had passed between us going out and this class). I said hi to her once and would just try to ignore her when I had the chance.

During that time I had a class with another girl whom I didn't know until the class. At that time I didn't even know they knew each other much less were friends. So after a while it seemed like she was attracted to me. We went out twice, but I never told her I liked her. It happened again we didn't work out for whatever reason I don't know. I had another class after going out with this one as well. It seems like the only time either one of them talk to me is if I text them or if they need something from me.

Now we all have a class together and I would still talk to them and be polite, but after that initial class it is like both are just really trying to go out of their way to ignore me. The last one I dated if that is what you want to call it, actually said something to me about do I feel lonely or something and why am I so quiet. The reason for the last part is that I normally am the person to always joke around and outgoing, at least around people I am comfortable with. In my head I don't know why she would say something like that or why even try and talk to another guy right in front of me whom I think is uglier then me, yet I catch her glancing at me sometimes. Really I am thinking she might be trying to make a third guy jealous for I don't know what, even though I think he is uglier then me, but does have a better body then me (he is fit and you can tell lifts weights, where as me even though I go to the gym I am still overweight and chubby, but still very handsome. I have also been told that I was cute by random women even some older then me). Even though I know all the people in the class and they think I am funny it still seems like I am the last one the girls even talk to, but they would talk to me and joke around once in a while, so I feel like a loner. Okay back to the original story, I don't know what that girl is trying to pull. I don't want to be a pushover (or a guy that they just use for whenever they need something) at the same time I don't want to be childish. How can I handle this situation?

P.S. The second girl I mentioned in the situation had asked me on a date if I was a "player?" I don't know why she asked me that but I told her no which is the truth. Other then dating and occasional outings I am pretty much a homebody.


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  • You sound like a very sweet person. And girls sound like the classic self absorbed preppie chicks. You should just be yourself weather they are there or not. If your not yourself then your never gonna find the person who likes you for who you are (those ones are the best). And remember if you don't speak up for yourself (not in a rude way I might add, that would be childish) and if you don't make the move, you might never know which ones are worthwhile and which ones aren't.

    PS: Don't concern yourself with looks, weather their yours or someone else's. There not always what matter most. Even though in most people's minds it is.


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