Cut my losses and just forget her?

Long story, short. Met this girl at bar got her number. We've been out a few times (6-7) and despite signals I did not make a move. I know I'm a p****, friend zone etc etc.

After I stumbled across this website and after going over ladder wiki I realized I had f***ed up and have one-itis.

In an attempt to 'set things right' I decided to ask her out on a proper date (previously had been more hang out sessions I guess). She accepted. She mentioned to be that she was sick but wanted to meet on Tuesday. On Tuesday about 7ish about 4 hours ahead of the date I get a message saying 'I'm so sick! Can we do tomorrow instead? I'm dying'. I responded with 'cool'. I was actually busy with other sh*t so her canceling actually worked out.

The next day I switched to nice guy/ cuddle bitch mode again and texted her asking how she was feeling. She replied saying she was ' still so sick, I think it's a really bad head cold. you're so sweet. thanks for asking'.

At this point I assumed the rescheduled date would go ahead as planned. Except nothing happened, she didn't text me I didn't text her.

Obviously she rescheduled so it's only fair that she text to confirm the date correct? Anyway, I know that it's 99.9% done. Can this situation be salvaged though.

p.s. I know for the fact that she was prior to this very attracted to make and for whatever reason I decided to sit around like a little pansy.

Thanks for your help.


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  • The fact that you care about so much is a telltale sign that you should chase after this girl (not scary stalker chase) until she outright denies you or she's been blowing you off for longer then... Well I think a month or so is a good cutoff point.


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