Girls, is this girl just stringing me along in texting?

my ex girlfriend texted me the this morning.. and said" I just don't understand why you can't have a normal conversation with me"

what does that mean?

we have been texting on and off for a week..and not once did I bring up about the breakup..cuz I know you gotta play it cool..last night I texted her.. and asked if she was just texting me because she's over me and thinks were friends..or might wanna get back...she was like" why can't you have a normal conversation with me and not about that" and then this morning she sent me the text above... hmm... what are your thoughts? advice?


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  • Well, you did bring up the break up without using the words directly. Asking "if she was just textng me because she's over me and thinks were friend" - is indirectly asking her about the break up. It sounds like she doesn't want to talk about feelings in a relationship sense with you at this point. She sounds bothered by it in all honesty. I think she just wants to talk to you about everyday things, like a friend would (and in a relationship, you're a friend + companion, right). Be a friend, without being emotional. Playing it "cool" is not asking about feelings, and indirectly trying to figure out her feelings towards you.


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  • Is this girl just stringing me along in texting? No she probably wants to know why you can't just talk to her normally instead of trying to play it cool

    what are your thoughts? That in a roundabout way you did bring up the breakup and she just wants to talk and be friendly without you trying to decipher a possible motive as being trying to get back together.

  • I think that she wants to keep you in her life and want to continue being friends, but at this moment she doesn't want a relationship with you. If she can't give you a straight answer, I would stop talking to her all together. IF she is just confused the distance will make her realize what she gave up. I am in a similar situation and believe me not talking to them is the hardest thing, but whether or not things work out, you need time to get back to you and heal.

    • one of her friends texted me and said " she doesn't know what to do" "just talk to her like you use too"

      "just talk like friends so maybe she will start liking you all over again"...this came from her best I know my ex had some input to the text... what do you think?

    • If she doesn't know what she wants she still has feelings. The only way you can get her back is to be direct and state that if she can't be in a relationship with you then you both need t move on and cease contact in order to heal. If she still has feelings then that should scare the crap out of her and she will be back in no time. If not, then you just need to find someone that can appreciate you enough to commit.

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  • She is upset because you brought up the fact you dated, rather then just magically acting like friends.

    She's so over you she is annoyed you're not over her yet.