Torn between THREE lovers?!

I've only had feelings for 3 guys in my life so far. Just this week, ALL OF THEM confessed their undying love for me. How do I choose?! WHO do I choose?! They are each so different!

  • Guy you've been drooling over since elementary school! (personality, looks, EVERYTHING)
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  • Your high school sweetheart that gave you your first kiss. (parents separated the 2 of you)
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  • Your best guy friend, who is your clone...except a guy! (used to date back in middle school)
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#1- I feel so attached to him. Everytime we are together my heart just completely melt! He is the most intelligent, and the most intriguing.

#2- This guy drove me crazy in high school. He was way too old for me when we started dating so my parents wouldn't allow it. Because of this I would sneak out to see him. Eventually we were separated for good, we promised each other we would meet again
#3- He has the same sense of humor as me. He can always make me laugh and we always make fun of things together. I would say he's the most fun to be around. I don't know what it would be like to kiss him again tho...might be weird.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I think that #1 seems best. It seems like you probably would have the best emotional connection with him...and if your heart melts around him, then you would have a good physical connection as well. I'd say that you could love him if you go with him for awhile.

    #2 is like a guy that I boyfriend actually. If your parents don't approve, then it probably isn't good. He would probably just be a hook-up or lust kind of guy.

    #3, he seems like he would just be a good friend for the long run.

    I am not kidding with you when I say I see myself in a situation like this.

    My current boyfriend is #2.

    My ex is #3, we ended up being great friends! He is now dating my best friend because I set them up.

    Go for number one... You could possibly love him. Go with your heart, haha LITERALLY. If he melts your heart, you know it could be true. <3 good luck


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  • this obviously a madeup question. but if it was real then go for the guy who has the srongest connection to you

    • This is not a made up question...? I don't know what made you think that lol, but thanks for your input anyway.

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    • So if its contradicting to something you wrote before, then logically you have given us false information at some point here, or on another question.

    • I don't understand why you care so much lol. I just said that its because my questions usually only refer to ONE guy. I don't want people to get confused with who I'm talking about.

What Girls Said 3

  • I would say the first one because it seems like you're more connected to him.

    But I would mostly recommend to give yourself some time with each, then take some time alone to think about what you really want. You would know what's best for you. :]

  • More detales would be ve nice but I'd go with the high school sweetheart.

  • Need more information about them. Go on dates with each of them, and just see who you like most. Don't commit too soon. I've done that, and I made a mistake.