Conflicting schedules, or losing interest?

So I met this guy about 2 weeks ago while I was traveling. We met in the most ridiculously romantic way... in a jacoozi by the beach on a paradise island. We ended up spending like 8 hours in the hot tub talking and fooling around. I was leaving the next day to go to another island and we hung out the whole day until I left. We both live in the same city so we exchanged numbers so we could meet up again when we were both back from vacation. We have been sending texts to each other about once or twice a day and he was usually sending me long texts and initiating contact.

Anyway, the texts became a little less frequent and he started taking a bit longer to reply. But when I got home I sent him a message telling him so, asking if he had Facebook. He replied later saying welcome back, gave me his full name and asked if I wanted to get together to catch up. So then I added him on Facebook and when he accepted, shortly after he changed his profile picture to a picture of him and a parrot (and I had told him when we met how I loved parrots and they were my favorite animal, so I would like to think he changed the picture for me :)

The next day I replied to his text saying I was free on Friday and it took him a while to reply but when did he said Sure thing, he just had to to check his calender because he was going away for the weekend and might be leaving Friday evening, but asked if I was free the week after and said he would think of a place to go.

I replied the following afternoon, said I was free on Tuesday and to let me know. That night he replied saying unfortunately he was getting a ride after work on Friday and had a dinner planning for Tuesday. He apologized a few times and asked if there were any other nights I was free next week and said he might be going away the for the long weekend. I wrote back saying I was free Thursday (although its the first day of the long weekend)... Just waiting for a reply now.

I would really like to see him again because I had fun with him when we met. I got the impression he wanted to meet again too because he always writes back and was the one who proposed getting together when I said I was home. I am just a bit thrown because his messages have gotten less frequent and he is not free the days I proposed. Is he losing interest because too much time has passed, or do we just have conflicting schedules and I am reading too much into this? Is is a good sign that he keeps asking when I am free?


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  • I think it's good that he is showing interest that you and him are free. I think the schedule ocnflict and time passed can play a big factor if you and him will ever hang out. I say give it some time and keep your options open with other guys. If you and him can figure out a free dya then I say still meet him and see if the chemistry and attraction is still their. Maybe he is super busy I think evnetually he will have free time and I think you and him cna eventually figure out a day to spend with each other.

  • I am a guy and am having a similar issue with a girl. I met her back in October, I was at her university and was hungry so I asked her where the hot dog stand was she replied "ya, here I'll show you" So she walked me to the hot dog stand as we socialized, then I said you seem like a nice girl we should get together sometime, she replied "sure!" so I got her #.

    Then after a bit of texting I asked her out, she asked why I said because I like you, so I explaing how she's pretty, seems honest, nice, and sincere. Then we planned a day but she cancelled on me because she had to stay later at work. So over the next month or so we began to talk more over the phone. By December we hung out she subwayed to a station where we walked together to Demetries a dessert restaurant. But before we walked in she told me how we didn't have to go in, and how we could just walk and talk. I persisted to take her there. She wanted to pay for herself, but I insisted on paying for her. Then I drove her home, and she told me of how much of a great time she had.

    We ended up hanging out again the next week, and went to see a movie.

    Then I asked her out again to go skating, but her phone broke down, and because I didn't have her on Facebook, one day when I was in the area of her work I stopped by the mall and accidentilly ran into her we caught up and exchanged #'s again.

    We then hung out before mid terms this semester and studied together. She wanted to buy me a hto chocolate at tim hortons, so I said sure.

    Now we haven't hung out for a while. And I've been asking her to hang out but the samething with you has before and is still comming between hanging out with her conflicting schedules...

    Final Exams are almost done. But she told me she's going to be working a second job over the summer, so that means more conflicting schedules.. I don't know if I should move on or not. She seems like she's lost her ability of knowing how to effectively communicate with me. Like when I ask her when she's free she'll take a day to respond, and when she does she's not direct at all.

    I like her, but I can't see me getting into a relationship with someone who doesn't know how to effectively communicate with me. I've "known" her now for like 5 months now. She told me as a general thing she wants to get to know someone before getting into a relationship with them. But I don't know when is the right time, and when have we gotten to know each other enough in her eyes. I haven't told her I like her since that one text message. But I do give her hints now and then saying, how when she says she looks bad then I'll tell her otherwise.


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