How do I know if a woman is serious?

I think I am in love with a girl I met on the internet. I barely know how she looks except for the few photos she has shown to me. We talk about having a future together but I don't know if it's me she is really interested in. I think I'm out of my league but I want to try so hard.


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  • Well, you can't know for sure if she is serious about you. I mean, it is the internet afterall. I had two online relationships that ended badly because I was so devoted unlike them. I had another long distance relationship that was successful until he decided to be a jerk. I have a friend who is now married to the guy she knew online. I mean it can work. My advice is you shouldn't set high hopes but at the same time don't lose hope. Take your time to know her better because this is the only way you could find out if she is serious or not. It takes time to really know the real person behind the mask. She can be the 'one' and she might not be. Talk, text, Skype and enjoy your time together. I don't believe in leagues. It is either you get along together or you don't. I think she likes you but having a future together needs more than just infatuation. Get closer to her and have a good time. :)


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