Help me sort out this mess?

Right so where to begin, at the start of November I began getting closer to lads at my course at uni. so much so that I really was the only girl in their group.

At first everything was happy loads of banter and laughs then I happened to fall for one of the lads the only trouble was that he had only just broken up with his girlfriend of several years. Being me I didn't want to be the rebound girl with this guy for one I was on his course so constantly there and two I really liked him and he seemed to have everything I wanted.

Christmas break happened and although our texts were distant they were still there and when I went to visit a friend who also lived in the same city as him I was introduced to his friends on a night out and really got on with them.

it took being back at uni for one of my other course friends to tell me he had dated a girl from uni in his city at Christmas before I realized that he wasn't into me not wanting to wait to get over his ex he just wasn't into me

the dating another girl confused me I had slept at his house got incredably close and then it just confused me

so up to the present the other night after finishing exams we all went out from what I remember I didn't get with anyone that night but people say I got with another course friend who is a close friend of a guy I liked

and when people say they don't remember doing anything I mean I really don't have a clue don't remember his face near my face nothing and that destroys me because when someone always says that to me I always thing their lieing but whatever it happened

the guy I liked has also claimed I said the girl he was dating wasn't worthy of him and that I liked him

before knowing any of this had gone on I had rung him and he seemed completely fine

so now what to do? my feelings surrounding the guy I liked are mixed I mean I can go on as a friend now but will always have the feeling of "the one that got away" or do I apologize and carry on like nothings happened?


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  • That's a hard question. If you feel like you love him or can love him then just let him know it

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