Guys! What would you like to hear back?

So today is my birthday, and this guy that I like but haven't seen in awhile (different colleges) texted me happy birthday (nickname). What do you think would be a good response? Thanks!


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  • if you want him bad and wanna know if he feels the same, ansewr him back with a phrase like, thanks very much but a happy birthday in person would make my day and yours if you want ? id jump to it or politely answer you with a WERE friends and that's why I texed you ! all happenin by text so when you cross paths it will be all normal and he mite even double look and think ! if he wants or thinks about you , he will take an occasion to come meet you and hope its step one to havin you as a girlfriend . if you're to far from each other, text him back with a you're bored and ask him if he wnts to chat via Skype

  • a simple thank you is always good and try to keep a convo going


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