Texting a guy you like? (Not a boyfriend!)

So I had a casual thing going on with this guy in the fall. I was absolutely sure he liked me, my friends and his friends saw that there's sth going on between us. We could stay up all night talking and laughing, I slept at his place twice but we never hooked up, we never texted every single day Because I don't like that and he doesn't either (it's just too suffocating to me, every couple of days is enough for me)..

In the last two months we texted once a week, but I always texted first. Now I haven't texted him for two weeks, just to see if he would text me first. Nothing! I know he's busy in college (architecture), his family is messed up, money problems...

Is there too much drama in his life right now and I shouldn't text him?

Is texting him once a week too often?

Is it possible he didn't read my signals and thinks of me as a friend he meets once a month (that's how often we see each other now, in the fall we would meet 2-3times a week)?

GUYS please help me :)


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  • Its a tough situation to be in and it can hurt when it happens. I think that he doesn't text you first, maybe because he's used to you doing it and when you don't he assumes you're busy. I think you should keep texting him because if he has all this drama in his life, its probably nice for him to know that you care. I think once a week is good. Maybe text him and say "hey stranger, haven't heard from you in a while" or something. Then you can see what he replies and see of he's been busy or something. He could possibly see you as a friend, but its hard to say when you guys don't see each other that often. If you like him maybe start texting him more. Not everyday, but just a bit more than usual. It could show him that you enjoy talking to him and you want to do it more often.


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