Self conscious here, what's going on?

Went on a date a few weeks ago, no communication since. However, I've seen him point me out to his friends (I've never met them), and his friends do the same to other friends, especially in groups. So, there's some talk going on about me among them... why? I'm self conscious here - are they judging me? Is it good? Bad?


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  • It is what it is... And it depends upon how the date went in the first place...

    Let's go to the world of if and when:

    Say that you went on the date, and you decided to have sex after the first date... This can be bad. You just made yourself into a booty call... Since you are just that, perhaps he is getting it from somewhere else now, and that is why he has not called... Then he is pointing you out to his friends and telling them how easy you are, and they in turn are telling others...

    Back to reality...

    Okay, there is no clear and cut answer. Perhaps something happened on his date with you that was not up to his expectations and he talked to his friends about it. As you pass, he is pointing you out as, "there is that (your name here), I dated then..." And they in turn do and say the same to others... These younger guys gossip just as bad as an old lady knitting circle... Perhaps you should write him off and move on...

  • I'd think it's mostly likely something like "Oh that's the girl (we'll call him BIll) Bill went on a date with, (whatever happened on the date good or bad and the result in terms of your relationship)." I know this isn't reassuring but it's how it is. At least you don't get all your ex-friends bodyguarding your ex-gf in what is practically a secret service style defensive formation and escorting her away as if you were some domestically violent boyfriend.. lol


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