What is really the point of prom? I mean you go out for one night and you have to have a date, I find it weird

I decided last year that wasn't going to go to prom

1) because I'm really not that type of girl who really cares about that stuff

2) they require a date, and I find that so stupid because its just one night, and if you don't have one or can't get one, you just can't go

3) just unfair, and people say oh "its the high school memories", but honestly I'm just trying to get through high school and just go to college

4) I really don't see the point in prom?


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  • We only had a Senior prom. I feel as if it was part of leaving your adolescent years behind. Your leaving HS. Your moving on to college & the start of being a young adult.

    1; I felt the same as you do. I only went because my friends were going & the girl I was dating at the time wanted to go.

    2; Your right. A date should not be required. What's wrong with going with a girlfriend or a group of your friends?

    3; Looking back my prom was special hers was not

    4; covered in my opening statement.

    My prom was spectacular. It was in the Grand Ballroom Palmer House in Chicago.

    Hers was in some banquet hall at some cheap hotel.

    I could have done without hers but mine was truly memorable.

    Too bad mine was 1st.

    Looking back I'm glad that I went.


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  • You are right, It is pointless. You are right for feeling that way!

    I went to my ex Girlfriend prom and she went to mine (She was 2 years older than me, BTW) Moreover, if it werent for her, I would have never went.

    Memories are fine and dandy, but if you don't care to have a certain memory, you should not be subjected to forced memories. Hell, I never went to my 10 or 15 year HS class reunion... I just did not like my school, and barely tolerated my classmates. I was voted class "most mean guy" in mock elections because I used to tell others, "F*ck off!" I did not care then, and even now...

    My Girlfriend went to a different school all together... LOL

    Do not care about what others want you to do... Only care about what you want.

  • perspective:

    try being a 43 year old guy who looks back to his childhood, never had a girlfriend, was always beat up by bullies in school while cheerleaders giggled at my bloody face.

    yea, I got memories. ITS CALLED TRAUMA! and I have the therapy bills to prove it.

  • It's awkward :l


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  • I went to prom with my friends each time (we had a junior social, junior prom, senior social, senior prom). We didn't need dates and it was just a good time. We hung out, made fun of the sh*tty food, danced like idiots and in general just goofed around and took silly pictures. We didn't get super dressed up or spend a lot of money on dresses. At junior prom myself and one of my other friends (there were three of us girls in the group) rented tuxes with long jacket tails and top hats. And my senior prom I wore a full out kimono. It was a time for us to just hang out with every one and just have a nice night out together. The teachers were a lot of fun to talk to and we mad wicked amounts of money betting with one of them about the events of the prom. There is no "type" of girl or guy who goes to prom. It's whatever you want it to be, really.

  • i didn't go to prom because no guy in their right mind wanted me then ::sigh:: I look back and DONT CARE its high school, its a dance...high school means nothing to me now and I look back and laugh. everything in high school is so petty. (except choir and band, now that was AWESOME!) I don't get prom either...i went to a few other dances and felt dumb. I went with my best friend and always just ended up singing karaoke the whole time lol. when everyone ran to go see who got crowned, we stayed singing karaoke or eating snacks we just didn't care. but yeah, didn't go to my prom. wasn't asked... =/ but I went to my friend's prom when I was 20 and it sucked. oh well! lol