Does it make me look desperate if I answer texts right away?

I have a... habit, I guess you can say, of answering texts right away. I always have my phone in my pocket and it's sort of hard to miss when I get a text, with the whole iPhone tri-tone thing.

So, I generally answer texts right after I get them. I like it when I get a fast answer from someone else, so I try and do the same for them by replying as soon as I can if someone texts me. I have friends who do the same thing. Now, I might not text back if someone texts me after 10 because I turn my phone off, but generally answer between a minute - an hour during the day.

But I started thinking, does this look desperate when I do this with someone I like? I mean, I answer right away with everyone, so why should I treat someone I like differently? I don't like playing games. Yet, I also don't want her to get the wrong impression, that I'm over-eager. What do you think?

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What Girls Said 1

  • No it doesn't make you look desperate. To be honest it p's me off when guys take too long to reply, it just makes me not wanna bother with them.


What Guys Said 1

  • UGH! Believe me man - this is the most frustrating thing in the world!

    I always answer people immediately as well (I know it can come off as desperate)... I always thought punctuality was a virtue...

    I follow people's patterns - if I have a friend who texts me almost instantaneously after I text them, I stay on it

    If they take their sweet ass time, I'll do the same

    The politics of texting... such bullsh*t