When to try for the first kiss?

So I know if you two know each other decently well and the first date went well, then you should try for a kiss. But what do you do in my situation:

I just met this girl yesterday and we talked for over an hour before she had to go to class. I got her number and everything seemed to go well. I plan on calling her tomorrow to see if she wants to go on a date on Tuesday, but for my situation if she says yes and we have a good time, should I try to kiss her? We are not in a class together, she was just sitting by herself and I will prob not see her again if I do not make contact with her. So if we go on a date, it would only be the second time that we have seen each other even though the first time we talked a ton. So what do you think I should do about a kiss on the first date(if she says yes)?


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  • Just gauge how the date is going. Like, judge her interest, let her know that you're interested, flirt a lot, and maintain good conversation - use this conversation to get to know her a little more and to tell her more about yourself (let her ask some questions about you too). If she's receptive to your flirting and there is some chemistry there, then I think it would be okay to kiss her. Good luck :)


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