Would you date an insecure guy?

Girls would you date an insecure guy who is not very confident?

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the main thing here is lacking confidence
again this is much more about lack of confidence than the insecurity part
This is funny

so why do you think so many guys are single, and friend zoned when they do approach?

not to mention the golden prize of all girls in men is confidence so what happened ladies?


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  • you're going to get a lot of politically correct girls in here just saying

    • Oh I know that, look at all of them hahahahahah

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  • " why do you thinks so many guys are single and friend zoned when they do approach?"

    There's a lot of reasons:

    1. There's no mutual interest.

    2. She wants to get to know you more first - via friendship ( that's me :P )

    3. She's got her own personal issues as to why she's not interested in dating ( just had a break up, family problems, depression, too busy for one etc.)

    4. You and her, just don't have that spark.

    Just because you approach a girl doesn't mean she's going to magically fall in love with you - just like if a girl approached you, who you didn't think was attractive or clicked with her personality - your not going to magically fall for her. Now are you?

    #4 is always the hardest for people to comes to term with - it just means that person wasn't the right match for you. So what? There's billions of people in this world - try again.

    Confidence is NOT the golden prize. -_- ugh you just don't get it.

    Confidence is a PREFFERED TRAIT, in guys - actually just people overall. Just like guys PREFER perfect dimensions and beauty in a girl if they could get her.

    Just a preference is all. It's a trait that's just likable - I mean even when people go out looking for friends - a lot of people would like a confident friend.

    OMG what?! You mean confidence is a universal positive in people?!

    It's pretty obvious. -_-

    There are guys who are short, insecure, on the quieter side who still get dates. Why? They found a good match for themselves. My best friend is really gorgeous and she's always dated more insecure dudes, who were shorter than her and less outgoing.

    It happens. Everyone has their personal preference.

    There are many men who scoff at the idea of dating fat girls - but guess what happens?

    Fat girls get dates anyway.

    But wait? I thought no man wanted to date a fat girl?

    You see the problem with creating unrealistic generalizations about every single person just because they're this gender? Those preferences are JUST preferences - meaning not everyone holds them so harshly as you keep fooling yourself to believe.

    Are there some women who are extremely picky like that? Yea - but they're lonely and crying about why they can't get a date. Go figure right?

    Oy - I don't know if it's because you have a hard time dating, or what your deal is - but your a smart guy I'm sure - the way you think about this is too extreme - bordering on illogical.

    If someone came up and told you that everyones dies if they drink water - would you believe that?

    No - even though there are people who've died from drinking water.

    So you hear this idea that every girl will only date a confident guy - do you really believe that?

    Look at the poll and answer that for me.

    That's the logic you keep using here - which is not 100% and a bit unrealistic.

    • all guys need to hear that..we are suppose to be the leaders full of confident always..even if your shy like me..its in our dna to be confident but some guys sucked on titty milk to much and act like girls.no offense you made a super good point

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    • So - you said you were the " only one" - your not the only one with this issue. if they did a legit world poll - those only 2 out of 34 - would become millions out of billions. It's an issue some people have to deal with. You either make the best of it, or let it destroy you.

    • no I don't have hope any more, the hard part now is getting used to being alone

  • Depends on his level of insecurity.Everyone have at least something that they insecure about.I don't think that would be a major turn off but if his insecurity is too MUCH I don't think I would.I am pretty insecure about myself in some ways so I guess I need someone who can guide or give me support.

  • Everyone's insecure to some extent - the type of guys I like will probably be more on the insecure side. It's nothing a good pep talk and support can't fix - done it before for a few people.

    Definitely depends on his degree of insecurity though - if he is chronically insecure, like severely and won't overcome his insecurity. That would be an issue.

    See I told you - there are women who date insecure men.

    Every heard of those relationships where men get very jealous and possessive? That is usually a sign of insecurity.

    Approach work - eh - everyone links that with confidence, but sometimes even the most confident guys get cold feet in doing it. However, taking no initiative what so ever because you can't get over your own insecurity is different.

    He he I tried to tell you. Confidence in men is just in an idealized preference, like guys wanting women with perfect bods and faces.

    In real time - no one's perfect, so.

  • Considering your updates I voted A.

    I've worked pretty hard to get rid of many of my insecurities and build confidence (an ongoing process), so I tend to look for that in guys I date too. However, I'm not saying I flat out wouldn't date a guy who lacks confidence, just that I'm less likely to.

    When it comes to insecurities. . .well, guys with a lot of insecurities are often hard to deal with and controlling, so that's a bit of a red flag for me.

  • As long as he's confident to talk to me, he's fine. Of course, it does depend on how intense this "insecurity" is in general, and other factors relating to his personality. I also agree with one of the other girls who said he should be attractive, but I'm not extremely shallow about it. The good looks, or at least average looks, merely catch my attention at first glance. If the guys just talks to me first and I like his personality, then the looks aren't as big a deal. It's complicated.

    Also, I couldn't ever give a description of the "type" of guys I think are attractive. I've tried thinking about it, but all the guys I've ever been interested in have been very different and don't fit into one type of style or personality type. That's where I confuse myself. haha

  • well everybody has insecurities about themselves, it's not like it's an uncommon thing. I mean is he was very insecure about himself and made it very noticible to where I'm playing the guy in the relationship, then probably not. If he can be able to talk to me to where things aren't awkward then sure I wouldn't mind.

  • no, because I lack confidence myself... and I wouldn't want to date someone like me... I want someone that can help me become more confident & not so shy.

  • No, insecure guys are annoying, clingy, and needy

  • Because a lot of insecure guys just seem like weirdos, sorry, but when someone insecure approaches you sometimes they literally have nothing to talk about and why would girls bother, its a hard world out there. Try internet dating or some sh*t.

  • if he has a big...

  • It's perfectly fine if he's not confident, as long as he's not insecure to the extent that he's constantly putting himself down or worrying that I don't truly love him and it's affecting our relationship.

    • Maybe we think other things are more important, like intelligence, sense of humor, maturity, etc.

  • as long as he's interesting and attractive

    • can you go into more detail?

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    • I disagree but that's your opinion

    • you can't really disagree with my opinion, can you.

What Guys Said 3

  • There's a little bit of a double standard here. Generally, men will date an insecure women, but a woman is a lot less likely to date an insecure man.

  • i hope so

  • i'm surprised at the answers here

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