What should I say in a text and is it normal for guys to initiate text messages ALL THE TIME?

We started texting a week ago.I did not text her all day because she has tight busy schedule with school work.The thing is, every time I initiate a text,I feel guilty because I would categorize myself being clingy.It's boring to initiate a text all the time!What should I do?Also,I would need some advice on how to initiate a better text messages.

Or should I just call her?I'm just nervous it would be too random and things might not work out for both of us..Help needed urgently...


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  • I think it is good that you initiate the texting and don't feel like your being clingy especially if she replies and if her replies are quick. I like when guys text me first and I sorta miss when they dont. For instance this one guy I talked to always texted me first and kept the conversation going I loved it. He did start to feel like he was bugging me and stopped texting me first and I got kinda weirded out like I did something wrong or something. I started texting him first all the time but then I felt like I was bugging him to. The point to all this is you should text her first if you want to text her don't let formalities get in the way and just keep the conversation going.


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  • If she's really interested in you, she should initiate texts at least sometime. Even if you're busy, you always find time to text a person you like. But it's only been a week. Just give it some time.


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  • if you initiate all the texts she's not into u, move on

    • Nah she playing it cool.. Girls do that in the beginning ya kno!

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    • Trust me girls do that all the time. It called playing hard to get

    • I don't think so, if you like someone you communicate with them, any girl who plays games like that isn't worth your time anyway QA