He told me I was too immature - move on or linger?

This dude had like me since we were 16yrs old (I was shy so I never showed my feelings) In 2010 he went to study law at age 20 in another country and returns every time schools on vaca.

In dec 2010 we started something, he even gave me my 1st kiss, took me out to my 1st party and gave me my 1st beer.

But when he returned to school in Jan 2011 he posted pics on fb with him and a “gf’and they commented on each others page.

I didn’t let go so when he was back here from April - Sept 2011 we hung out but his girlfriend visited our country for 2weeks during that time.

In Nov 2011 I sent him a message asking him to leave me alone, he didn’t, but replied that he and the girl had broken up and asked me if I was ready for a relationship. I said no.

He came back to our country Dec 21st and didn’t visit me till Jan 3rd for the first time, took me out for the 2nd time to invite me to his house I went but I couldn’t have been intimate with him( I kept thinking he was lying about the girl and I'm and a virgin, I didn’t wanna feel stupid after).

So he promised we’d do something the Saturday we didn’t and I posted some love quotes on his fb page (as his old girlfriend used to) he delete it and when then he asked me what I wanted from him I said a chance to be with you.

He said I was too immature he can’t see himself with me now but in the future as much as he genuinely likes me change and become an adult, then we’d take it from there.

What do I do move on from him? Or change and go back to him when he returns in April? Because I really like him.

We haven’t spoken since and he returned to school without visiting me what to do?


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  • If he can't accept you the way you are, move on I say... He doesn't seem that serious.


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