Have you ever looked for relationship advice?

Because I have.

It was around a year ago when I was very bothered that my crush liked my best friend and not me. I wanted to find out what I was doing wrong. Boys somehow never fell for me, I was pretty and sweet but somehow I wasn't anyone's type. After I went to a couple of internet site I realized my problem and, I am right now, in the stage of fixing it.

I found out that men are even more emotional creatures than women, its just that they their very soft inner side hides under a very thick layer of masculine. I, personally, like it that men are masculine, but its not healthy to hide away all emotions, for this reason men die earlier than women. This is really sad.

Do men look for relationship advice just as desperately as women?


Is it true that men want to talk about their emotions but they only open up to people they really trust.

And how do I become someone a man can trust?


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  • i haven't really. I've really isolated myself from the relationship-drama aspect of life. I just observe peoples mistakes. god. that makes me sound like a stalker. anyway, guys get just as confused about girls as the other way around, but guys don't really trust their clique or whatever and don't really go searching for advice from them, its more of a solo thing. so yeah. guys have to be strong and always know what to do, by the stereotype. as for being someone a guy can trust, easy, do whatever you do to make a normal person trust you. talk to them, be there for them, forgive them when needed, and I personally think that if you trust someone with you're deeper being, after a while of course, theyll be more inclined to trust you. so yeah. and you're right, another stereotype- men don't cry and can't display emotion, too bad too many guys conform to that.

    • Thank you for answering, it was really helpful, especially the last part. you see I have this friend and he is never telling me stuff. He always gets bullied and I feel really sorry about him. I want to talk to those bullys for him but I'm worried that that is gonna make him feel weak. I just want him to tell me that he's upset but he doesn't trust me yet. So I'm gonna be pacient and wait for him

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    • Yeah, maybe I should wait for him to find his own confiedence and strength, maybe I should just encourage him to fight for himself, if that's what he wants to do

    • perhaps. but yeah. he might not want to fight for himself- perhaps he has another way of dealing with it lol.

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  • At ages of 1-9 the suicide rate among boy and girls is equal.

    ages 9-12 mens suicide rates increase 200% to that if girls

    ages 12-16 400% to that of girls

    ages 16-19 600% of that of girls

    ages 19-22 1100% of that of girls

    When I read that information it doesn't strike me as being the because of emotional repression. It tells me that as men grow into the respective roles we're expected to fill, the provider and protector, thus the suicide rates go up.

    If I continue my research I also find that 450% more money is invested in womens health then in mens health. Continuing I also learn that men hold 98% of the jobs in the 25 most deadly professions.

    It doesn't seem to me that emotional repression is the reason women live longer. Sorry, but I couldn't resist calling you out on this one.

    Also one fun last fact... divorced men are 24,000x more likely to commit suicide them divorced women! I don't think I need to point out the obvious reasons why...

    To quickly answer your question so I'm not completely without footing, no men don't look for relationship advice as do women. Were taught to ether like something or suffer through it while keeping our mouths shut. I don't believe we feel the strength of emotions any more or less then women.

    • p.s. allot of these figures could be somewhat inaccurate... they're from 2008.

    • hahaha okay :D thanks for making the effort, I'm happy to have learned something new today :)

  • Well I can't speak for all men, but I don't personally look for advice in such matters.

    • hmm do you sometimes worry and not seeking advice anyways or are you satisfied with your relationship life because things are going great?

    • Everything is going great ^^ but I probably wouldn't seek help, not lightly anyway, not who I am...

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  • that's not a men or women thing, that's a people thing

    • yeah but I already met many women who ask for advice but I've never met a man, so I was just wondering