Help calling a girl for the first time?

So I sat next to this girl I had never seen before and started a convo with her and we talked for over an hour, non stop. She was talking for like 80% of the time so obviously she was enjoying the convo because she easily could have left at any time or just stopped contributing. Well anyway, I got her number and I am going to call her later today. But I have a few random questions because I suck at texting/calling.

1) If she doesn't answer, what should I do? voice mail or call back later?

2) What time of the day should I call to have the best chance at her being free to answer?

3) If she answers, should I just ask a simple question like hey hows your weekend going, listen to her response and then say how mine is in kinda a funny way and then just jump to asking if she is free this week? Or do I need a longer convo before asking her out?

4) When I ask her out, I plan on seeing if she is free on either Tues or Weds, and if she says she is busy on those days, should I ask OK then, when will you be free? Or should I just say oh OK, maybe some other time, talk to you later?

5) If she says it sounds good, should I just say something like "that sounds great, it'll be got any cool plans for the rest of the weekend?" Or how should I respond after she says yes, and how do I get the convo to end easily?

Thanks! I know there are a lot of questions but a couple of them are pretty simple :) Thanks again


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  • I am no expert in this matter, but...

    1) Call back

    2) Evening / Night (Not around dinner time)

    3) I think try to engage her with a longer conversation before asking her out.

    4) Ask her if there is a time that is more convienient for this week. If she says no, and does not suggest another time, then you can say 'maybe some other time'.

    5) If she says yes, then probably it would be best to say something like 'that's great, I am looking forward to it'. As for ending the conversation, just end it in a way that seems natural to you, but make sure it is nice and smooth and gives her a positive feeling.


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    Fa sho. I got you man. It's simple. I've been there so I'm gonna keep this sh*t simple. First off (before you even call her) ...DON'T OVERTHINK EVERYTHING! Again...DON'T OVERTHINK EVERYTHING! Don't hang on her every word, make her hang onto yours.

    To answer your questions in numbered order:

    1. If she doesn't answer, NEVER LEAVE A VOICEMAIL. You're not a bill collector. VM are for really really important things. Send a text before ever leaving a voice mail (rule of thumb). She can't hear how nervous you are over a text.

    2. Call her anytime of day. Now that everybody has a cell phone, it doesn't really matter when you call people. I mean don't call her before 6:00 AM or after 2:00 AM-you don't know her like that ...yet.

    3. If she answers (this is the easy part). She obviously likes to talk so all you'd have to do is ask several questions and let her talk (BUT BE AN EXCELLENT LISTENER) because this is how you're able to ask more questions based on what she is giving you through conversation. Just conversate with her and don't think about how hot she is or how cute she is or whether she'll say yes or no. That dumb sh*t clouds your head and is a road block to what you're trying to accomplish. Just think "I'm just talking to her. I don't expect anything from this" and once you have no expectations, you are more relaxed (bc you're not worried about being rejected and sh*t)

    4. When you ask a girl ANYTHING (for her phone number, a date, etc) you NEVER EVER EVER ask open ended questions (yes/no questions). Girls are used to saying no and rejecting guys because they have so many morons that ask them the same questions every single day. The word "no" is almost like a reflex to them. TELL HER WHAT YOU WANT. This is how agressive guys (confident guys) get dates rather than the nice guys. If you want to go out on Tuesday or Wednesday then say something like: "Hey why don't you and me go to Dave and Busters this Tuesday round 7PM and have some fun?" This way you've asserted yourself to her by scheduling something at a designated place and time. Girls love that sh*t! They love when a guy is forward like that (shows responsiblity, confidence and assertiveness). She can't just say "no" she'd have to come up with an excuse of some sort or a good reason not to go. If she says "no", It's all good. Your response should be "hey that's cool, we'll get down some other time" or something of the sort.

    5. If she agrees to go out with you, everything is good in your world then. I mean say something cool like "Be ready at 7PM sharp and wear something hot". Once again...being assertive. She will be ready on-time for you and she will definitely find something smokin hot to wear (just for you).

    Remember...DON'T OVERTHINK EVERYTHING. If this girl says "no" ...I've given you a great template to ask out any hot girl on the planet homie. Now go make it happen potna!