Kissing with eyes open?

me and this guy have been dating and I noticed that he likes his eyes open when we kiss...

why is this?

like should I leave my eyes open to?

i usually close my eyes.. but what's the appeal to leaving eyes open while kissing?


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  • omg that's so creepy

    i have no idea what the appeal is, I've never had that happened to me


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  • I wanna keep my eyes open so I can look at the beautiful woman I am so passionately liplocked with. The appeal to my sense of vision is beautiful. After all the more senses involved... the better the experience. Helps my memory tons also.


What Girls Said 2

  • Thats weird, I mean sometimes I peek while I'm kissing but for only one second, not the whole time, yeah I wouldn't really put trust in that person.

  • I'd watch out for that, can't trust those people

    • why?

    • well it depends does he always do that? and how long does he leave them open for? some guys do like to catch a glimpse of you while kissing...and that's ok

    • he does it most of the time. and I don't know exactly because I close my eyes and occasinally while we are kissing ill just open them and peek and he will already have his eyes open.

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