How do you make a guy feel "needed"?

I read somewhere that guys need to feel needed. How do you make a guy feel needed? What if he's not really doing anything you need? What does that advice really even mean?


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  • I've heard this too. I think what they mean is needed/wanted. Guys like to feel useful. So if you have car problems and he offers to help you accept his help. Leaky faucet, picture or shelf hung or help setting up your entertainment system enlist him if he is available. Woman of today are very proud and like to do things themselves. If he holds open the door or offers to pay the check, let him. It makes him feel good to do these things for you. Don't expect or demand this it is good to offer to pay occassionally or open your own door, but if he wants to do it let him.

    I think that is what they meant by it. Men are proud...let them be.

    • Agreed. If a guy offers his help then it's best to accept it, everyone likes to feel like they're helping. There's no need for girls to seek out those moments though, just let them come naturally.

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