Will she be getting the signs?

I've been texting/tweeting this girl for a few weeks now, and hung out with her a couple of times. I asked her if she wanted to come for a drink the other night, but she already had plans somewhere, but suggested that I 'come along if you feel like it'.

By asking her out like that have I made my intentions clear? Do girls assume that when a guy asks them that they're interested? Also, does her response suggest anything?

The reason I ask all this is that she's not like any other girl I've met, in that most of her friends are guys, and she has a bit of a guy's sense of humor/interests, so it's not what I'm used to.



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  • I think maybe she is starting to get the signs! because girls mostly think that when a guy asks her out its either because he likes her or wants to get it on with her! maybe you should just try and ask her again but don't sound to desperate! maybe suggest cinema? or shopping? or a walk round the park? or maybe if she's active a run round? just try and get close with her and help her with her problems!

    If you find out she likes someone else and she's having problems with them, don't back away because she's not intested stay loyal to her and soon enough she should get the jist!


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